Furnaces & AC

We lease Energy Star Qualified Furnaces & Air Conditioners to customers throughout Brantford and surrounding area.

Furnace leases start at only $49 per month and Air Conditioner leases start at only $39 per month. All Furnaces and Air Conditioners include full installation, but do not include specialty items such as electronic air cleaners, etc.

Consider replacing your current inefficient system with a lease from Enersure… What you’ll save on operating a newer, more energy efficient unit will likely off-set your lease payment, and best of all, when you lease you’re completely covered 24/7!

Worry-Free, Hassle-Free Renting, with no money upfront, and no need to budget for costly service calls again… It just makes sense.

A qualified Enersure professional can visit your home, at your convenience, to ensure you lease the most suitable system for your home’s square footage.

Contact Us TODAY, to begin your energy efficiency savings tomorrow!