About Enersure

We Keep You Comfortable All Year Long in Cambridge, Brantford, and Surrounding Areas.


Not that long ago, we were known as “Brantford Hydro’s Water Heater Business” and “Cambridge Hydro.” Although we’re now a division of GrandBridge Group and continue to operate within Brantford, Cambridge and surrounding areas, we’ve changed our name to Enersure, to better reflect the products and services we now provide. Along with water heaters & water softener rentals, we’ve added furnaces, and central air conditioning system rentals, to serve your home comfort needs completely.


Why spend your hard-earned money on purchasing costly home comfort equipment upfront?


With Enersure home comfort equipment rentals, you can be sure that there is no money down, and you will always enjoy the comfort of our full warranty coverage.


Our experienced and certified technicians will ensure that your system is properly installed and regularly maintained. We also provide valuable advice and support so you can make the most of your rental.

Our rental services in Brantford, Cambridge and surrounding areas include:

  • Water Heater Rentals

    Enjoy having warm baths instead of cold showers with our water heater rentals.

  • Water Softeners Rentals

    Invest in your overall health while protecting your family from the harmful effects of hard water.

  • Air Conditioning Rentals

    Keep yourself cool and comfortable while sparing yourself from costly repair and replacement expenses.

  • Furnace Rentals

    Keep your home’s integrity intact and of good market value while keeping cozy and warm with our furnace rentals. 

Being sure of having peace-of-mind 24/7 is true home comfort!


You Can Always Be Sure With Enersure


So if you’re considering upgrading your tired, inefficient home comfort equipment or just want to learn more about the benefits of renting…


Contact us today, we’re here to help!