My water heater tank is leaking. What should I do?

First of all, check to see that it is your water heater that is leaking. What appears to be a leaking water heater may actually be a water softener, air conditioner/furnace drain, refrigerator/freezer, foundation leaks or other appliances.

We are often called to repair a water heater, only to discover that another appliance or issue causing the problem. We appreciate your assistance in avoiding this expensive, unnecessary and time-consuming task.

Once you’re certain that it is your water heater leaking, you should:

  1. Turn off the electricity and or gas to the water heater at the main breaker panel and gas shut off.
  2. Turn off the cold water supply to the water heater to slow/stop the leak.
  3. Call us immediately so that we can get you up and running with hot water again.

Remember, you are the owner and responsible for the plumbing feeding the water heater.

The water coming from my tap is brown. Does my water heater need servicing?

The first step is to check and see if the brown water is coming out of the hot water tap only, or if it’s coming out of both hot and cold taps.

If the answer is both, it is not your water heater. You may want to call The City of Brantford – Water @ 519-756-1360 or your local water utility.

If the brown water is coming out of the hot water tap only, there may be an issue with your water heater. Give us a call and we will come take a look.

I consistently run out of hot water. Is there a problem with my water heater?

Not necessarily. Has your hot water use changed recently? If you are using a lot of hot water within a short period of time you could be running out, even though there is nothing wrong with your water heater.

If your hot water use hasn’t changed and you’re still running out of hot water there may be a problem. Give us a call and we will have a look.

Is the water heater I rent from Enersure energy efficient?

All Power Vent and Tankless gas water heaters that Enersure rents are ENERGY STAR qualified. This means that they meet strict energy efficiency guidelines set out by the federal government. In fact, our tankless water heaters are over 96% efficient!

What is a “tankless” water heater?

Tankless water heaters are a new, energy efficient alternative to traditional water heating solutions. They provide instant water heating around the clock, significant cost savings, use less space and offer many other benefits. Click here (link to Enersure Tankless page) to find out more.

Will installing a tankless water heater save me money?

Yes. Tankless water heaters use approximately 30% less energy than
traditional storage tank heaters. If your home is heated with natural gas, your water heater represents an estimated 20% of your total energy cost. Therefore a tankless water heater can represent significant savings.

May I cancel if I no longer want to rent from Enersure?

You may remove and return your Enersure water heater at any time, as long as you notify us first. You may also buyout your Enersure water heater at any time. However, canceling your contract may result in early termination charges. For more details please review the Terms & Conditions on the Water Heater page.

What happens if I sell my home?

When a home is sold in Ontario it is standard practice that rental water heaters and their associated agreements are assumed by the new homeowner. Your agreement of purchase and sale will indicate that the water heater is a rental and not part of the home the buyer is buying. See your terms and conditions (link) for more details. Please remember that you are responsible for informing the purchaser that there is an Enersure rental in the home.

Is Enersure a local company?

Absolutely! Enersure uses local resources and contractors to provide exemplary customer service and water heating equipment to our customers. In fact, Enersure’s is a division of  GrandBridge Group. 

Are all water heater companies the same?

Absolutely not. Some companies use aggressive and misleading tactics, selling expensive and long-term water heater contracts with door-to-door sales representatives. Before signing up for a new water heater, know who your service provider is and what you are signing.

For your own protection, it’s important to keep these questions in mind before you sign a new water heater contract:

  1. What company do you represent?
  2. How long is the contract for?
  3. Are there charges to exit the contract if I’m not satisfied with the service?
  4. How long have you been in the water heater business?

Enersure is a division of GrandBridge Group and has been providing outstanding customer service to Brantford and the surrounding community for more than 50 years.