ProTerra Hybrid

  • Natural Gas – Smaller wall mounted water heater with no storage tank. Vents out through an outside wall of your house.

    A tankless water heater (also called an On-Demand water heater or an Instantaneous water heater) has no tank and stores no hot water. When hot water is needed, the water is heated on demand. When the hot water tap is turned on it triggers a flow switch that activates the burner which heats the cold water entering the tankless water heater. The water is rapidly heated to the desired temperature. This continues for as long as the hot water tap remains in the ‘on’ position. When the tap is turned ‘off’ the system shuts down resulting in substantial energy savings over units that have hot water stored in the tank on ‘stand-by’.

    Never run out of hot water again.

    A tankless water heater can save space and offer flexibility as it can be installed close to the point of use. Tankless water heaters can save up to 40% on energy costs and provide an endless supply of hot water. You can take a shower, wash dishes and do laundry at the same time, without worrying about running out of water (or hearing someone scream from the shower).

    Our Rinnai LS Series Tankless Water Heaters feature:

    • Energy efficiency: heats water only when you need it
    • Enjoy endless hot water
    • Saves space – about the size of a suitcase
    • Contemporary design
    • Perfect for any home
    • Improved performance and longevity
    • Commercial quality at your fingertips

    Our Rinnai Ultra Series Tankless Water Heaters feature:

    • ENERGY STAR® qualified
    • Energy Factor up to 0.96
    • Capacity to supply continuous hot water
    • Significant space savings over tank style water heaters
    • Flexible indoor or outdoor installation options
  • Natural Gas – Uses a small motor on top of the water heater to vent out through an outside wall of your house.

    A power vent water heater does not need a chimney, but uses an electrically powered fan to move combustion products outside. The fan motor is located on top of the water heater and vents out through an outside wall of your house.

    Our Rheem ENERGY STAR® qualified Power Vent Water Heaters feature:

    • ENERGY STAR® qualified
    • Energy efficiency that exceeds NRCan standards
    • Compact design – ideal as a replacement water heater and for closet installations
    • Exclusive TankSaver® design to prolong tank life
    • Convenient 3/4” side water connections for combination applications on 62,000 BTU units
    • Flammable vapour sensor detects the presence of flammable vapours and automatically disables the unit, preventing ignition
    • Robust air intake snorkel inhibits flammable vapours from entering the sealed combustion chamber
    • State-of-the-art gas control features advanced self-diagnostic capability that makes troubleshooting easy
    • Conveniently located T&P and drain valve for ease of serviceability
  • Natural Gas – Vents up through an active chimney. No motor for venting.

    A conventional vent is required on most standard natural gas water heaters. Conventional vents need a chimney and it can be either type B, double-wall metal vents or a tile-lined brick chimney. The conventional vent can be shared with most standard mid-efficiency furnaces or boilers.

    Our Rheem Atmospheric Conventional Vent Water Heaters feature:

    • Compact design
    • Turbulator™ dip tube that reduces sediment build-up at the bottom of the tank and increases hot water output by as much as 8%
    • Over 20% more foam insulation that provides a higher Energy Factor for energy and cost savings
    • Thermopile design that provides robust pilot to withstand down drafts and environmental conditions
    • LED indicator that:
      • gives visual confirmation that pilot is on by flashing continuously
      • provides diagnostics and troubleshooting
    • Easy temperature adjustments
  • Electricity – No venting necessary. Very quiet.

    An electric water heater needs no venting but does need a 240 volt connection to an electrical panel with its own individual breaker. Electric water heaters have a very high efficiency level (an energy factor of 93+) and are very quiet to operate. Although they have a very high efficiency level, electric water heaters are typically more expensive to operate than natural gas models because of the current cost of electricity.

    Our Energy Saver Electric Water Heaters feature:

    • Fully automatic controls
    • Direct heat transfer with immersed elements
    • Factory-installed Hydrojet® Total Performance System
    • Vitraglas® lining
    • 2″ non-CFC foam insulation
    • Built in Heat Traps for higher energy efficiency
    • Protective magnesium anode road
    • Quiet operation