HVAC Service and Repairs

Enersure offers a wide variety of services for our HVAC rentals including HVAC repairs and maintenance services for all our rental products. Whether your HVAC system is not keeping you comfortable, is making a weird noise, or has stopped working, simply let us know and we’ll get to the bottom of it.

Our home comfort rental products all receive quality maintenance and repair services by Enersure experts, so you can rest assured knowing your family’s comfort is in safe hands.

Water Softener Maintenance and Repairs

A water softener is responsible for reducing minerals in your water and by doing so it extends the life of other household appliances in your home. It also prevents those nasty water stains on your sink and tub, as well as makes your hair softer.

Since it works by removing calcium and magnesium that tend to build up in pipes and appliances, it’s very important to have your water softener properly cleaned and maintained. Water softener maintenance consists of maintaining the brine tank (checking salt levels and breaking up salt bridges if any have formed), exercising and cleaning the valves to keep them in good condition, etc.

One of the biggest advantages of leasing with Enersure is the fact that there is no need to worry about water softener maintenance and repairs. Our skilled team of experts will take care of that for you, so that you can have peace of mind knowing your appliances are in good hands!

To learn more about renting a water softener in Cambridge, Brantford and surrounding areas, please visit our water softener rental page.

Furnace Maintenance, Servicing and Repairs

The warmth and comfort of your home during the cold winter months depends solely on how efficient your heating system is. If not maintained regularly, it won’t be operating at its optimum level and might even shut down. Some of the maintenance checks to be performed regularly are checking and cleaning the pilot light, inspecting gas lines, cleaning of the ignition system, removing, cleaning and adjusting the burner assembly and burner, listening for any strange noises, securing loose panels, and more.

When leasing a furnace with Enersure, our experts will perform maintenance and servicing tasks for you, so that the chance of your furnace causing problems is minimized. Even if something like that does happen and your heating system stops keeping you comfortable, simply contact us and we will send our furnace repair experts to resolve this issue as soon as possible. At Enersure, we provide a furnace maintenance “tune up” every 2 years upon your request.

Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance Services

Your air conditioning unit is responsible for keeping you and your family cool during those hot summer months. In order for it to do its job efficiently, your AC needs to be properly maintained and serviced. The amount of maintenance a homeowner can perform on an air conditioner is rather limited, which is why the Enersure experts will gladly perform AC maintenance and service checks for you.

When leasing an air conditioner unit from Enersure, we make sure that it gets properly serviced and maintained, so that the chance of it breaking down is reduced to a minimum. Nevertheless, things happen, appliances start acting weird or even stop working, but if that happens, you’re also covered. Just contact us and we’ll be there to detect and eliminate the problem as soon as possible!

Water Heater Service and Repairs

When it comes to water heater maintenance, there are some things that should not be overlooked. For instance, checking all safety controls and wire connections, cleaning and checking parts, as well as inspecting the system for water leaks. For optimum performance, your water heater repair and maintenance should be done by a certified expert.

When renting a water heater with Enersure, our experts will provide maintenance and repair services and make sure it works as efficiently as possible. So if your hot water heater is leaking, making a weird noise, or has stopped working, we will make sure this issue gets solved as soon as possible! If you’re experiencing these, or any other water heater problems, do not hesitate to contact us immediately!