Water Softener Rentals in Cambridge, Brantford and Surrounding Areas

  • Be sure to improve your family’s water quality with the latest Water Softening technology from EcoWater.

    EcoWater Water Softener Systems reduce the minerals in your water, such as magnesium and calcium. This softens your water and extends the life of your household appliances; preventing unsightly staining on sinks, tubs, showers, clothing, and glassware. All while you enjoy softer hair and skin… Finally, benefits you can actually see and feel… that’s comfort. Enersure proudly offers water softener rentals that are extremely efficient, conserving your water, electricity and salt consumption. Our Ecowater Systems ESD 525 Model features include:
    • Bypass valve
    • Energy-efficient/water saving
    • Patented electronic digital demand module
    • Timekeeper
    • Multi-wrap reinforced resin tank
    • Self-cleaning
    • Space-saving design
    • Positive-action brine valve

    Handling different water issues and water softeners

    Like most of Ontario, Cambridge, Brantford and surrounding areas depend on different types of water with various hardness levels. Hard water is usually sourced from the ground, while softer water comes from natural sources like rivers and lakes. The majority of homeowners in our service area are dealing with hard water, making a water softener crucial for daily activities. Many using untreated water will complain of a different taste and foul odour coming from the tap. This makes it undrinkable water in the eyes of some. The hard water also can lead to complications like dried-out skin, unhealthy hair, and a lack of moisture for the body overall.

    Easy Maintenance

    The setup process is simple enough, but what about maintenance? A lot of people are worried about how much effort water softener systems take to maintain, but this particular model makes it easier than most. The system is energy-efficient, which cuts down on anything going wrong right away. It has a timekeeper that helps keep everything on schedule, and some small troubleshooting, if something is not acting right, usually does the trick. Cleaning is also easy, as the system cleans itself for the most part. Occasionally, there might be a need for additional cleaning or a focus on something that has gone wrong, but the system comes with a warranty that eliminates any fear of something significant keeping everything out of service for an extended period of time.

    Why EcoWater water softener systems trump the competition

    Not all water softeners are created equally. The reason why is that a lot of companies will take shortcuts with their technology, which leaves many customers underwhelmed. The EcoWater water softener systems are top-end solutions that cut down on complete salt reliance, which leads to many benefits. Not only is it more economical, but it helps deliver whiter and brighter clothes when doing laundry. Healthier skin and hair is also noticeable right away with unnecessary amounts of salt. The calcium and magnesium levels remain high enough in the water, which is always going to keep a person’s body healthier. From the environment’s perspective, there is no need to create wastewater like some other systems. All these benefits are selling points to the consumer.

    Ready to get started?

    We are happy to offer a water test for any person in our service area, ensuring that the right water softener and set up takes place. Those interested in having the best water at home possible can reach out to us at 226-493-1040.

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